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SharBerry Kitchen Collection

Berry Good Air Fryer 

Peg & Zo 3in1 Cutting Board

Oil'EE Olive Oil Sprayer

ChiCaGo Style Food

Welcome to SharBerry Kitchen Collection....Now that you're here. Come on in and take a look at our new BerryAir Fryer & other kitchen utensils. That you will find very useful to use in the comfort of your own home.

Chef Sharberry, relocated to Georgia 3 1/2 years ago to follow her dreams. Dreams of becoming a Salon owner...Although things didn't go as planned. Chef SharBerry knew she had to come up with another plan. Another plan that'll change her life forever. She started catering for a local Barbershops & Nail Salons in Lawrenceville. Once she started working so hard to get her name around town. She knew she needed either a brick & mortar or a food truck to pursue her dreams. So, she decided to sell her motorcycle & put down a deposit on her very first food truck. 

Chef SharBerry brought her Taste of ChiCaGO & mixed it with a Taste of the South. That'll give you a Happy mouth.....Stop by SharBerry Kitchen cause its the place to eat. Come on in & don't forget to wipe your feet.

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